Let's wrap it up


A terrific work environment.

We consider ourselves an integrated whole; however, we never forget the individuals contributing to our joint success thanks to their daily input. We work hand in hand and maintain a respectful relationship.

Your options to become part of the company are diverse: Whether packaging mechanic, printer, commercial clerk or packaging engineer – we are always looking for dedicated and motivated staff to join our team.

Together we will meet new challenges. Join us to help a successful company grow and contribute to long-term quality assurance. Intern, trainee or employee with many years of professional experience – we can assist you with training and further education and give you the chance to gain unique expertise and experience in the packaging industry.

Commercial departments


Traditionally, customer satisfaction is our top priority.

In close cooperation with quality management and sales, the purchasing department accompanies the entire production chain. This includes the procurement of premium granulate material, machinery and selecting the cardboard packaging for shipping. Experts with team spirit, enthusiasm for supply chain management and the objective to make a difference are our requirement for top quality.


A strong team.

At riba, we fuse not only coextruded film layers. Our sales team displays an inseparable fusion of independence, commercial expertise and team spirit. The success of our customers in all application areas is paramount. Field and inside sales are closely interconnected. We cooperate and form a strong team with customer orientation and sustainability. Together, we meet any challenge, be it advising customers on the selection of an optimally tuned in constant close contact with production, or order processing and coordination. Quick decision-making and delegating responsibility are just some advantages of riba. Other strengths from which you in sales will benefit:

  • extensive networking
  • decades of experience and industry knowledge
  • constructive mutual exchange
  • sales support systems

Expertise in numbers, facts and figures.

Do you like juggling with figures and enjoy working with attention to detail? Responsibility is high in both controlling and financial accounting as part of essential evaluations, statistics or reports. Excellent knowledge of figures and products determine the success of riba, from the bottom to strategic alignment. Would you like to share this success with us? If so, we look forward to hearing from you.

Commercial-technical personnel

First rate planning and implementation: ensuring that all processes run smoothly.

Machine operator for extrusion (m/f)

How to transform granulate into film?

Priorities of this operation are monitoring the process and implementing production job changes. Besides operating the machinery, you must ensure the quality of the film through continuous testing. What are we requesting? A completed technical training and knowledge of the machine and system operation as well as experience in plastics and rubber technology or similar are as important as teamwork and flexibility. What matters? In collaboration with your colleagues, you must meet any challenges through advance planning, care and a keen eye for detail.

Media technologist / machine operator for flexography (m/f)

Surely, riba prints films fully automatically?

No - as a critical contributor to design refinement in the production chain, the printer sets up the machines and ensures our excellent print quality. What are we requesting? If you completed training as media technologists or have already some professional experience in the printing industry, we look forward to hearing from you. Bring some colour into the everyday life of riba! What matters? Use your enthusiasm for printing and plastic packaging, your material knowledge and your experience in printing technology to contribute to the further success of riba.

Machine setter for assembly (m/f)

How to transform printed film into a carrier bag?

The machine setter in assembly assumes an important step in the further processing of our semi-finished products and benefits the entire production process. What's waiting for you? Your assignment will include different functions: tooling of machines, maintaining, monitoring and optimising the production line. As supervisor, you make decisions about assigning staff at the packing stations, resolve simple faults independently and carry out minor mechanical repair work on the machine. What matters? With open eyes and ears, a completed technical training and the willingness to work shifts, your and your team’s objectives are to give the bag a shape. You give the final touch to all aspects of a quality product.

Quality assurance officer (m/f)

Are all reference values within the target range?

Material science, testing to ensure the highest quality standards, expert analysis of material properties and the development of innovative QA methods are your passion: We count on your expertise! Where do we need you? Laboratories and production facilities are your work places. From a quality assurance perspective, you focus not only on processes and on methods, but view them also holistically. What matters? With the combination of proven material knowledge in the plastics industry, technical knowledge and a precise way of working, you have all the resources required by riba.


Testimonial by a person in training as industrial clerk

Hello, my name is Anja. I want to tell you something about my training at riba.

Why I joined Riba...

It was important for me to complete a thorough and exciting training in the administrative area. I found the company's family background appealing to me from the beginning. I did not want to be one of too many staff members, and that is what I am not at riba, on the contrary: I am included in many processes and accordingly carry a certain responsibility in the respective areas.

What is my range of duty?

This depends on the department in which I am working at the time.

I am currently in the purchasing department. There, my responsibilities, for example, are requesting offers and ordering new materials from our suppliers as needed.

In my responsibility for the central phone, I speak regularly to customers who have certain requests to which I respond quickly or pass on to another colleague.

The initial contact with the customer by telephone helped me later working in the sales department. The initial nervousness has settled now and I learned calculating offers as well as receiving and processing orders. Afterwards, I generate the appropriate invoices. When my colleagues in field sales took me to meetings with customers, I gained experience in personal consultations.

In shipping, I updated various records and packing lists on a daily basis to manage incoming and outgoing goods. It also part of my job to prepare the relevant delivery notes. Shipping is the final department before dispatching the goods to customers. Therefore, it is particularly important in this department to proceed in a coordinated way and work together with other departments.

I go also to vocational school two days a week, where I gain theoretical knowledge and can exchange ideas with other trainees. This takes place in Hamm at Friedrich-List-Berufskolleg.

Opportunities given to me by riba...

In the first year of training, everything is new - colleagues, working environment and the contact with customers.

My colleagues extended a warm welcome to me. They are there for me, to teach me, answer my questions, support me and share their success. I had the opportunity to attend training together with some of my colleagues and get to know them.

Moreover, riba gave me the opportunity in October 2015 to participate in an EU language internship in London. This was a great opportunity for me to get an insight into another European company and to gain valuable experience. Over a period of three weeks, I learned about the way of working and living in London and established many interesting contacts. I believe that my listening and language skills have improved and I feel much more confident when I communicate with customers or suppliers in English.

In conclusion...

I can only recommend the commercial training at riba. I really enjoy working at riba; I am convinced that I am receiving an excellent training.

I look forward to continue being a part of the riba team.